Down the rabbit hole

I didn’t die! Some twenty hours in airports and planes and here I am, safe on the other side of the planet. The land of tomorrow. Literally.

Perhaps there are some people out there who would take a nice long day of relaxing after a journey of twenty hours that involved crossing the International Date Line (it became tomorrow without ever going through nighttime!). But apparently those people do not include myself, because I woke up to a father with a to-do list.

To be sure, this is the man who gave me half my genes. Therefore: I was up at 10 AM, and we planned to get ready to get out of there at noon. At 2 PM I finally went to get dressed, and we were having lunch at his hangout at 3. We had a leisurely lunch and finally made it to Tesco Lotus–but most of that to-do list had to be put on hold anyway, because we had to be back at his hangout by 5 for his friend’s birthday. Good thing it’s National Procrastination Week (Dad and I like to celebrate year-round).

The problem is that I start my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) classes on Monday. That means that by Monday I must: feel comfortable driving my motorbike through some fairly congested areas to get to school, have a cell phone so that I have some way of contacting Dad if Thailand tries to eat me, plus the usual unpacking, meeting of Dad’s friends and trying to squeeze in a touristy thing or two. And the requisite catch-up conversations with Dad too, of course. It’s quite a bit to pack into four days no matter which way you slice it.

My first day has proved one thing to me, though: The Internet really is the most amazing thing on the planet. Here I am in Thailand, and thus far I’ve been able to keep up with Twitter and Facebook just as usual. I sat down and watched an episode of South Park online last night. To be fair, I am in a city with a large tourist and Westerner population, so access to the Internet is easier here than in other parts of Thailand. It’s still a little disconcerting to sit down at the end of the day and head on over to South Park Studios to kick back to an episode of South Park. Thailand doesn’t currently have an agreement with Hulu, however, so I will not be able to access my usual bevy of TV shows. Lucky for me, that also means I won’t be subject to the inevitable Caprica cliffhangers.

Coming soon: Bike lessons and my first fancy camera pictures.

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  1. Hannah

    We’re plotting a care package for you. Let us know if there’s anything you want us to send.

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