High Five

Now, to anyone who works with kids in the English-speaking world, you know just how powerful the high five is. Kids love high fives. “Slap my hand; it’s so fun!” And you know, it is all feel good and shit.

However, teaching “high five” to Thai kids promises even more enjoyment. For those not familiar with the Thai language, pronouncing “high five” presents Thais with a couple of tiny little problems:

1) They don’t have the “v” sound in their language. They also don’t have “z”, “th”, and a host of other English sounds.

2) They don’t pronounce the final consonant of words.

So, I’m teaching “high five” to my kindergarteners randomly, just to get them geared up and excited. By focusing on those two minor little problems in pronunciation with them, I now have an interesting mix of students all clamoring for high fives, half of whom are yelling, “High fie, high fie!” and the other half of whom are screaming, “High fi-VUH! High fi-VUH!”

Oh, yeah.

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