Rad Roundup #1

We’re not going to talk about long absences. We are going to talk about my new weekly post “Rad Roundups”. And by weekly, I think I actually mean weekly. I’m going to play around with the day, though; I’m currently thinking Thursday or Sunday. (The Monday post is an aberration caused by the long weekend [Happy New Year!], so don’t get used to it.)

So, here we go with my first ever compilation of amusing and/or thought-provoking things from Internet Land. Today I’ve decided to number in Thai, and all the spelling is mine so it might not be the accepted English spelling. I spell things how they sound. It’s a radical concept, I know.

Nung.1: This post is brought to you by FreeMind, the app that has taken over my life in the best of ways. Interestingly enough, I was turned on to this app from one of the new educational blogs I’m following, Unwrapping the Gifted. She suggested this app for students who struggle with organization. (Unsurprisingly considering the title of her blog, she writes primarily about working with gifted children. As a former “gifted child” I found it amusing that her list of why some gifted children are terrible at organizing themselves could also be the story of my life. I suspect I am not alone in this.)

Song.2: The 2009 PISA scores are in, and unsurprisingly, the US didn’t do so well. However, watching what four of the top performers are doing is inspiring and a good reminder that none of the top performers are doing what we’re doing.

Sam.3: Finding this challenge was like touching the great spiritual web of life. I’m not kidding, and you shouldn’t laugh at me. The Books I Should Have Read in School but Didn’t Challenge pretty much exemplifies where I’m at right now. I’m all about self-education these days, and thanks to FreeMind, I already have my list of books started. I’ve also been discussing this with one of my best friends for awhile now, and we’ve both expressed our bitter disappointment about not getting to read all the books we wanted to read while in school. Now we finally get to catch up!

See.4: The Dvorak keyboard layout makes me happy. Just read the comic.

Ha.5: South Korea has robot teachers! But on closer examination, it’s actually kind of creepy and racist… Sadness.

Hoke.6: The DSM pisses me off for a lot of reasons, the latest of which is that oh-so-soon we’ll be medicating grief, which is the point buried somewhere in this NPR story. That is, there is a qualification in the listing for Major Depression in the DSM-IV that says that grieving is a normal process that may resemble Major Depression, and the DSM-V will not have that little note. Which will then open the door for people to medicate the grieving process, because God knows that any and all pain is bad.

Jet.7: Kim Jong Il Looking at Things. There’s really nothing else to say about that.

And there we have it! Rad Roundup #1 is complete! Did we all enjoy ourselves?

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