Good Things Thursday I

Let’s start off by addressing the obvious: It’s not Thursday.

Believe me, I know. If it was Thursday, I would be rounding up my class and taking them to the bathroom right about now. Good Thing #1: It’s Saturday, and I got to sleep in, workout, and meditate this morning!

Point number song (2): You may have noticed that after really-really thinking I would start doing a weekly Rad Roundup, I… didn’t.

And where do those two things collide? In introducing Good Things Thursday, of course!

(I really super promise not to stay so frakking cheery.)

The last several days, I’ve been really down on things that are, well, downers. I have, in fact, asked why we can’t start focusing more on the things we do well and/or the ways we can improve the things we suck at. It’s so much more motivating than focusing on the negative, and it seems that I’m not the only one in the Feel Good Movement.

It hit me last night that what I really wanted to do on a weekly basis was force myself to slow down and focus on the good things. You can go to a million places to get lists of links. (Personally, I follow Flavorwire thanks to the recommendation of my good friend HEJB.) What I want to do here is take a day to talk about Good Things, whether they’re from my own life or internet-land.

I cannot claim ownership of the Good Things idea, however. I mean, I’m sure there are millions of people before me who have chosen to focus on the good, and possibly even list them. However, this specific idea was born way back (seven years ago) in my college days.

I was a theatre major, having given the big old finger to all those people who told me I should be lawyer, and the show was Jesus Christ Superstar. Somehow this show just became a Feel Good experience for all involved – and I should know, because I was pretty tangentially connected to the production. I was merely one of the multimedia techs (that’s a fancy way of saying I worked a projector), and I actually had to leave halfway through the performance run because my grandmother passed away.

Good Things is something the JCS cast used to do before every rehearsal. After they’d finished their warm-ups, they’d all stand in a circle and each person would say something good that had happened since the last rehearsal.

Personally, I feel like this was the key to the Feel Good experience that was JCS, and I remember talking to a lot of my friends in the cast and crew who felt the same way. It was a great way for everyone to come together and spread some good vibes. So here we are, several years later, and I’m starting my own celebration of Good Things. We’ll move it to Thursday this coming week, but I wanted to start right away because I’m still in a super-cheery mood. (Hurrah!)

I’m keeping the numbering system I started with my Rad Roundups, so this week we’ll number in… French! Without further ado, I bring you:

Good Things Thursday I

Un.1: This morning what made me super happy (besides sleeping in, exercise, and meditation) was my breakfast of dragon fruit or pitaya. Apparently this fruit is native to Central America, but since Thailand introduced it to me, I will forever think of it as a Thai fruit. It’s automatically cheerful because it’s hot pink!

It’s also amazingly easy to prepare for consumption (which is probably why I enjoy it for weekend mornings when I don’t feel like doing anything). Just cut it in half…

And then get rid of that bright but not-so-tasty skin.

And there you have it, deliciousness!

I love the dragon fruit for its light, not-too-sweet, almost nutty flavor. It vaguely reminds me of kiwi. Plus, for interested parties my Thai assistant teacher assured me it helps you lose weight.

Deux.2: The United States of Awesome totally gets at the heart of why I wanted to start Good Things Thursdays in the first place. In fact, I like it so much that I’m actually thinking of following her despite my personal boycott of Tumblr (we’ll talk about that another time).

Trois.3: Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is apparently not as abhorrent as the WSJ would have us believe! While this is a huge downer if you’re looking at it from a “What the hell is wrong with the US media?” perspective, it becomes a huge Good Thing when you think about it another way.

This is really a story about how a woman wrote a book and became insta-famous for detailing what appeared to be her near-abuse of her own children – and teaching us how to do the same! But it turns out it’s actually the story of how she got pwned by her thirteen year-old daughter, long before any of us got het up about the whole thing. Now that’s pretty damn cool.

So what are the Good Things in your own life?


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2 responses to “Good Things Thursday I

  1. mistydawn

    you are a good thing
    in my life,lady.

  2. kv

    I always wondered about that fruit. Thanks for the review! Curious to know your beef with tumblr…

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