Good Things Thursday III: I got to drive home in the rain!

Happy Thursday! Today I bring you Good Things numbered in Korean. And since it’s time to focus on Good Things, I’m not going to dwell on missing Good Things last week.

Yeodeol.8: Yesterday there was a rainstorm and I got to drive home in it on my motorbike!

The most important thing to understand about this rainstorm is that I’d been waiting for it for some two weeks. It had been so humid, so hot and sticky. Every morning I’d wake up, look outside, and think that it would rain that day. But by noon it always cleared off and just left a hot, sticky afternoon for us to bake in. Grr.

Yesterday, though, it finally happened. The sky turned that crazy apocalyptic storm color, the wind picked up, and as I was finishing up in the office after school, the heavens opened upon us.

Thankfully it didn’t get to the point that the office started flooding (that happened during the rainy season!), but it definitely wasn’t letting up by the time four o’clock rolled around. I gave it a few more minutes, trying to stall, but eventually I accepted that Mother Nature had destined me for driving home in the rain.

The thing is, I actually really love driving my motorbike in the rain. I am the girl who deliberately went for a drive directly into a rainstorm during the rainy season. No poncho, no jacket, nothing. I may as well have been swimming. It. Was. Awesome.

So it wasn’t so much that the idea of driving in the rain was bothering me. It was more that I was still in my work clothes, plus my food would get wet, bla bla bla – all those boring, sensible things you tell yourself when you start to feel like you’re supposed to be a real grownup.

But once I got out there, the old magic was back. The thing I really love about playing or driving in the rain is that it’s like making your life a pool party. It’s your regular life (errands, driving), but it’s also playing in the water! What’s not to love? Add in the fact that it’s a pool party where you don’t have to worry about how you look in a bathing suit and it becomes absolute perfection. (Yes, I still have those old, tired body image hangups. Life sucks, doesn’t it? Go play in the rain!)

Ahop.9: I totally had a political discussion with a friend on Facebook during which we:

  • Exchanged views using calm, non-combative language,
  • Debated upon points of dissension thoughtfully,
  • Retained our senses of humor, and
  • Finished by agreeing to jointly read and/or watch Watchmen.

That’s right, fellow USians: It’s possible to have a reasonable political discussion in which you disagree with a person without actually trying to do physical or verbal violence upon them.

Who knew???

Yeol.10: It’s been kind of a crappy week, but I still found two new things to add to my list of Good Things plus I’ve officially hit number ten! Additionally, I’ve been meeting my exercise goals for the most part (I’m only lagging behind on weekends), and although I lapsed and smoked on a Super Horrible Very Bad Day, I have not had a cigarette since. Bam!

So, anyone out there have any other Good Things to share?

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