Good Things Thursday IV: Not dead!

Well, here we are. It’s (technically) Thursday, and I’m posting Good Things after a sabbatical of two months. Whew. That’s a hefty break. However: We now resume our previously scheduled programming. We’ll pick up counting in Greek.

Edeka.11: As stated above, the best Good Thing about this particular Thursday is that I am not dead and have, in fact, decided to start blogging again. Included in this Good Thing is: A) Precious laptop fixed (Did you know there’s no Apple store in Thailand? Well, there isn’t. Not even Bangkok.), and B) Moved back to the US.

What? you may be asking. I thought you lived in Thailand… and liked it there and stuff? Isn’t this a travel blog?

To answer those in order:

  1. I moved back to the US. San Francisco, specifically; I’m crashing with my brother while I find a job and a place to live.
  2. I did. Then I moved back.
  3. I love Thailand. It’s not like I’ll never go back. It was just time to come home.
  4. No.

Moving on…

Dodeka.12: I’ve officially kicked my physical dependency on caffeine! I’m super excited about this… as excited as I can get in my still vaguely groggy state. But at least I’m past the headache stage.

Seriously, if/when you/your kids/friends/relations are overworking themselves in the effort to pay their massive student loans, warn them of the impending migraines when they start downing 6-12 shots of espresso a day. The funny thing about my caffeine addiction is that I’ve been been addicted for essentially my entire life, but it was only after my phase of 6-12 daily shots that I had to deal with the caffeine headache. Seriously, I went through about a week of horrible headaches+nausea+oversleeping just to get back down to one shot of espresso/cup of coffee a day. Ever since then, every time I’ve cut back on caffeine I’ve had to suffer through the wretched withdrawals.

It’s not worth it. Trust me. Celebrate non-addiction to caffeine!

Dekatria.13: I like to cook! Cooking in Thailand really got me used to using fresh ingredients (and only paying a dollar for a week’s worth of vegetables), and now that I’m back home I’ve been able to keep this up. I’m not sure anything I make is particularly delicious (at least not to anyone but me) because I tend to cook by buying a lot of things I like and throwing them together. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I have so much fun!

Notes: Quinoa is awesome. Also cabbage. Newly discovered: cabbage is delicious in omelets. I’m not kidding.

Dekatessera.14: I finally got rid of a cough I had for well over a month (more like two months). Actually, I haven’t totally beaten it yet. Turns out my cough is caused by a post-nasal drip that is the result of… drumroll, please… allergies.

That’s right, allergies of all things. WTF, mate? I’ve never had allergies before. And since I’ve never had allergies before, I had to trek all the way out to a free clinic (on my birthday, no less!) to discover that while I thought I was dying of consumption (er… tuberculosis; I may read too much classical literature), I was actually just having an exacerbated allergic reaction to… pollen? Dust? No idea.

How anti-climactic.

Still, definitely a Good Thing that my Evil Cough of Doom can be solved with the help of one daily off-brand Claritin pill. I try to wait for the cough to come back before taking the pill, and thus far it keeps coming back every 30 hours or so. Alas. Cough not dead yet, but beaten into submission, and that is definitely good enough for me.

* * *

There we have it. I’m really going to try to start posting regularly again, but until then, as always, please feel free to share your Good Things too.

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