I’ve been trying to do this blog thing for awhile.

Less than successfully, I might add.

Then I moved to the other side of the planet, and… Nothing really changed. No bolts of lightening struck me, no booming voices from the sky said (in Eddie Izzard’s God voice), “Now, now, you shall blog!” In fact, on average I posted about once a month during my first 10 months in Thailand. Not so hot.

It was around this point that something in my head started coalescing. I’m still not sure what it is or whether it’s going to stick around. See, up to that point in my life, like certain other people, I had a few problems being an actual Responsible Adult. Then that started to change. Just like that, and with almost as little warning.

Suddenly, I was doing all sorts of things I hadn’t done before. I was exercising regularly. I quit smoking. I organized my brain and my goals.

And I realized why my blogging efforts had always been doomed to failure.

I had always tried to blog about One Thing. My theme had always been my subject. I had decided to blog about Writing, Politics, Travel–but all those things, as much as I love talking about them, are only tiny little pieces of what I have rattling around in my head.

I am constantly reading, researching, thinking about, and doing many different things. I can’t blog about One Thing; the closest I can come is to blog about One Idea, a seemingly small yet significant difference. My One Idea, my theme, is the same for my blog as it is for my life: a continuous journey, a life devoted to learning, loving, and living, preferably without making myself vomit with upliftiness.

Everything came together for me when I was describing my epiphany to a friend and realized that while I may not have da Vinci’s genius, I do have his propensity to dabble in many different disciplines. Almost before I’d realized it, I’d created the blog I wanted to write.

So here we are, and here we go.

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