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Good Things Thursday I

Let’s start off by addressing the obvious: It’s not Thursday.

Believe me, I know. If it was Thursday, I would be rounding up my class and taking them to the bathroom right about now. Good Thing #1: It’s Saturday, and I got to sleep in, workout, and meditate this morning!

Point number song (2): You may have noticed that after really-really thinking I would start doing a weekly Rad Roundup, I… didn’t.

And where do those two things collide? In introducing Good Things Thursday, of course!

(I really super promise not to stay so frakking cheery.)

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Satirical Thai News (Oh, and that pesky little rally in Bangkok)

So I’m down here in cushy Westernized Pattaya, sipping my Oishi and undisturbed (physically, at least) by the political unrest in my current country of (admittedly very short) residence. Thus, like anyone else in the whole world interested in Thai politics, I’m following it through Internet-land. Twitter hashtags include #redshirt, #redtweet, and #redmarch, for those interested.

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All of Pattaya’s a stage

I’m only a week into this little adventure, and so I’m hardly knowledgeable enough to make any sort of sweeping statements about the relationships between men and women here, more specifically Thai women and Western or farang (foreigner) men.

But let’s not let that stop me from making a few preliminary observations, hmm?

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